A 360 Degrees Fully User Generated Travel Tech About Places, with Suggested Time and Cost Package for Every Place


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
No pre-written content or assembled links, this is arguably World’s first fully user generated travel web and app tech, that puts every place in the world as a tourist place that one should plan to travel to. And what’s more! It also tells you how to reach there, with packages that suggest time and cost in multiple currencies and distance units from anywhere.

Welcome to PlacPic! A fully automated platform about places, generated and expanded by its users, who introduce, endorse or review places, mark multiple travel and social intent for every picture and place they see, and plan a trip to get details about ways to travel to a place they discover.

So, as a user at PlacPic,

you introduce new, unknown, little known places to the World
Endorse or review the places you know, discover places you have never even heard of, and
of course know how to reach a place you are seeing with cost and time details!

PlacPic is fully user generated. So, how is PlacPic rewarding you? When you add a place picture, you retain the copyright (Real time Watermark generation in your name) and a lifelong credit mention for every place you have introduced. You can add your personal opinion about any place in the form of endorsements or reviews. You get your own personal PlacPic travel profile with own website and social profiles, and earn points and medal for your activities. Fellow users can follow you and you may follow others!

We at PlacPic believe that travel is not just about knowing a place, but actually finding ways to travel there, while having the freedom to create your very own customized travel packages by picking and choosing travel modes and stay. And your travel needs continue even after you have arrived at a place!

Next in line for PlacPic is to expand ‘Plan a Trip’ to actual booking. Now you get only suggestions, but soon you will have the opportunity to book the Plane, Train, Taxi facilities together as a package or separately according to your convenience. Not just travelling, but you can also book hotels at a place you are travelling to according to your budget preferences.

Eventually PlacPic will be a travel marketplace that will adhere to the ‘pre and post travel needs’ of every traveller; Things you can book before you start and things that you need to book when you arrive at a place including last minute arrangements.

The places on PlacPic are marked in 20 plus categories and in a World place tree of Continents, Regions, Areas and names.

PlacPic is available on

Desktop: www.placpic.com

Mobile: m.placpic.com

Android Market: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.placpic.app1

App Store (Older version. New version soon): https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/placpic/id952850810?mt=8

PlacPic is based out of Mumbai and is founded by Shreedatt Dash, a National Institute of Design (NID) graduate with valuable experience in Travel, Broadcast and media.