7 Reasons Why You Should Trademark Your Logo

If you run a business, then there are a number of things that you need to protect to maintain your position in the industry. For instance, you can take measures to safeguard your brand by trademarking your logo.


What are Copyright and Trademark?

Copyright is a collection of different rights that are granted to you when you own an original piece of work. These include the right to reproduce the work, distribute the copies, display the work in public, etc.

Trademark is a word/phrase or symbol/design that is used to distinguish your business in an industry. Some of the most common examples of trademark include logos, brand names, taglines, etc.

What Does a Trademark Protect?

The main purpose of a trademark is to protect your brand’s identity in the industry. Let’s consider the brand Apple as an example. Since it’s a popular brand and the logo is equally iconic, there could be other businesses that may try to take advantage of the company’s reputation and may use similar logos on their products. For instance, a small phone manufacturer may create a logo that looks similar to Apple but has a bite mark on a different angle. Since the original logo is trademarked, Apple can sue the business for infringing upon its trademarked product. This is because the law says that one can’t use brand elements that are similar to another brand’s trademarked elements. This is how trademarks protect the well-established brands.

Now, there are a number of business assets that you should trademark as soon as possible. One of these is logo, and the following are 7 reasons why you should go about it:

  1. Ensuring You Own the Right to the Design

Whether you have designed the logo with the help of a professional graphics designer or by using one of those logo maker services, you must trademark it so that no one can capitalize on your brand without your permission. It’s pretty common for unscrupulous small businesses to sell subpar products and services using the logo and name of popular brands to increase the profits. You can’t protect your business from them if you don’t have trademarked your logo.

  1. Making it Easier for Your Customers to Find You

It’s no secret that creating a brand identity allows you to find new customers and expand business. A trademarked logo can ensure that your business is able to set itself apart from the competition and capture the attention of the target demographic by facing least resistance.

  1. Communicating with The Public

You can communicate your brand to the marketplace with more impact and reach when you have a legal trademark. This is because brands often try makeovers when they attempt to attract new demographics, like Snapdeal did at a cost of Rs. 200 crores and also launched a logo under the same. However, if a trademark isn’t in place, then the communication may lose its effectiveness and the new audience may not trust the brand at all.

  1. Valuable Assets

Trademarks can have a lot of value. You can check out some of the most valuable trademarks like Google, Microsoft, etc. whose net worth have reached billions of dollars!

If you have confidence in your brand, then you would want to trademark your logo so that when your business grows and garners respect in the industry, then the trademark also earns appropriate value. If at a point you decide to sell your brand to someone else, then you can fetch a good price based on the price tag that your trademarks have received.

  1. Fast Results

Trademarks are visual instruments that can elevate your business rather easily. This is because our minds respond to visuals faster than any other form of communication. So, if a customer sees your trademarked logo in a newspaper, magazine, social media platform, etc. then the design will immediately click in their mind. In the long term, the image will secure a spot in their consciousness and make it easier for them to trust your products and services.

  1. Scalability

Your trademarked logos are scalable which means that you can apply them on massive billboards and also on small items like pens and business cards. This is to say that you can use them in a variety of areas to promote your brand and expand the business.

  1. Easy Registration

It’s a common misconception that filing a federal trademark is a time-consuming and expensive process. In reality, it’s neither of these. You can contact the United States Patent and Trademark Office online and learn the process in no time, and even the fees for the service is a modest $275. That said, it’s recommended that you also contact a trademark attorney who has some experience in the space to guide you through the process and help with the paperwork.

Building a brand takes a lot of time and money, and you wouldn’t want to lose it all to a competitor or a small business. So, if you have created a unique logo and want it to be the face of your brand, then you should get it trademarked before it’s too late.