7 Key Traits of a Good Physician


Going to see a doctor can be a nerve-racking experience for many. Patients can always seek care from another physician if they feel their current doctor is not meeting the requirements. While each doctor may be unique, there are a few common traits that most patients look for in their physician.

Here is a list of 7 key traits of a good physician in Shalimar Bagh or any other city for that matter.

1.      Knowledge and Professionalism

A good doctor always tries to understand the patients problem in totality, as a whole and ina holistic manner. He/She will provide information related to the problem, discuss the option of treatment available and be someone the patient can trust.


2.      Good Reputation

It is essential for patients to consider their sources when finding a new doctor and not just believe in word of mouth. Nowadays, a majority of people rely on ratings and reviews when looking for a physician. However, one should not blindly trust them, as they can be sometimes biased. One should also look for consistency in comments – both negative and positive, for a clearer picture.


3.      Sincere and Empathetic

One of the essential attributes of a good physician is that they know how to make the patient feel comfortable during appointments. The patient should feel as though the doctor genuinely cares so they can share concerns or ask questions openly. A good physician should be warm, attentive, and encouraging towards their patients.


4.      Patient

Patience is another important quality of a good physician. Each patient is unique and deserves a patient hearing irrespective of the rush of the appointments which the doctors is facing. A patient hearing to the most trivial complaints is the one of the most desired quality of a physician.


5.      Open and Responsive

A good doctor should listen to everything that a patient has to say and must respond carefully. Being a good physician is not simply a matter of making an accurate diagnosis, but also letting the patient know that their concerns have been acknowledged and the patient’s unique situation is given an appropriate response.


6.      Two-Way Communication

Good communication skills are significant for any physician, Not only for the doctor to understand the patient’s problem and help in formulation of a treatment plan but also to make the patient understand the effects and side-effects of the medicines and the need to follow it completely.


7.       Easy to Reach

This is another key trait of a good physician. A patient should be well-aware of their doctor’s office hours and how to contact them in the event of an emergency. Moreover, making appointments or cancellations should be a convenient task. Other than that, the patient should check if the doctor has an emergency consultation policy. The staff at the physician’s clinic or hospital should be cooperative and helpful.

Knowing the qualities of a great doctor can help one ensure that their family gets the required care without any hassles. If someone is looking for a good physician in Shalimar Bagh, keeping the above-mentioned traits will surely help them. Max Healthcare has some of the best doctors in Shalimar Bagh who specialise in various medical disciplines.