Nigel Eastwood, Group CEO- New Call Telecom


Nigel-Eastwood-CEO-NewCall-Telecom, “As the Modi Government continues to introduce a large number of economic programmes, the expectations from the Union Budget 2016-17 remains high amongst telecom sector in India. The Finance Minister should bring clarity on deductibility of one time spectrum charges paid by telecom operators. Telecom operators have paid huge amounts on acquiring spectrum. The government needs to issue a clarification that spectrum fees is an intangible asset eligible for depreciation under Section 32 of the Act. The industry eagerly awaits budget 2016-17, which accelerates growth, clarifies ambiguities related to `royalty’ fees and assorted levies and helps usher in a smart, broadband revolution in the country. One of the serious issues that most startup entrepreneurs are talking about is clarity in taxation on new businesses and start-ups. Government should definitely bring in more clarity in this budget!”