100% FDI in e-commerce not a good idea: Poll


A majority of respondents to a Mint-instaVaani poll say that allowing 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) in e-commerce is not a good move by the government. Most of them also disagreed with the ban on discounts offered by online platforms. The findings come in the wake of the 29 March government decision allowing 100% FDI in online retail of goods and services under the so-called ‘marketplace model’.

The new policy contains rules which cap total sales originating from a group company or a single vendor on the online marketplace at 25% and bar discounts.

A total of 508 respondents across major metros were polled to assess their views on the new e-commerce policy.

In response to a specific query, 53% (156 of 295 respondents) said that they don’t think allowing 100% FDI was a good move.

Fifty-six per cent (131 of 234 respondents) said that they don’t agree with the ban on discounts on online platforms.

And 54% (104 of 191 respondents) said they would stop buying from online platforms if there were no discounts on offer.